Commit 718242fa authored by James Ward's avatar James Ward
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Use doubles in OpenCV types

parent d80742ca
......@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@ struct initial_parameters_t
cv::Size chessboard_pattern_size;
int square_length; // in millimetres
cv::Size board_dimensions; // in millimetres
cv::Point3f cb_translation_error; // in millimetres
cv::Point3d cb_translation_error; // in millimetres
cv::Mat cameramat;
int distcoeff_num;
cv::Mat distcoeff;
......@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@ void loadParams(const ros::NodeHandle& n, initial_parameters_t& i_params)
i_params.board_dimensions = cv::Size(w, h);
n.getParam("chessboard/translation_error/x", e_x);
n.getParam("chessboard/translation_error/y", e_y);
i_params.cb_translation_error = cv::Point3f(e_x, e_y, 0);
i_params.cb_translation_error = cv::Point3d(e_x, e_y, 0);
std::vector<double> camera_mat;
n.getParam("cameramat", camera_mat);
cv::Mat(3, 3, CV_64F,;
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